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Congratulations steadfast traveler and welcome to the adventure. Walter the Wildlife Explorer is on a mission to preserve the wild and help parents introduce their kids to nature by creating meaningful content for future generations to enjoy.

Every day is a new adventure traveling with Walter as he explores the countryside in search of the perfect habitat, and has fun along the way.

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Walter Watch Live – Birdwatching Videos for All | Red Kentucky Cardinal

The Majestic Indigo Bunting -Breeding Male – Walter Watch Live Birdwatching for Everyone

Moral of the Story

Walter the Wildlife Explorer Looks at the Grass with a Magnifying Glass

"Always leave it Better than you Found it."

One theme that Walter reiterates on his journey is leaving things better than you found them. It’s a simple task to be aware of your surroundings, and take responsibility for the moment and tidy up.

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About Walter

Walter the Wildlife Explorer is on a mission to
save the world. Seriously... Walter's ultimate goal is to preserve as much wild habitat as possible and help introduce our youth to nature in a way that's meaningful and impactful.

While exploring, Walter takes kids on imaginative, fun filled adventures to introduce them to the outdoors and provide activities to help families get out of the house and enjoy more time together, and find collectibles along the way.

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Walter the Wildlife Explorer Head Shot