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Online Presence Management

Walter was born from the Covid lockdowns when our children were inundated with desperate attempts to alleviate boredom. Youtube became a hot commodity, and immediately I knew I had to teach my kids how all this stuff works so they could see through the marketing and gimmicks as they grew and matured. I also know that words from parents alone aren’t enough, as parents our actions speak much louder than words and we must lead by example… Thanks to Walter over the last few years my family has learned together by doing, by building, and creating together.

I am self trained in WordPress, SEO, and digital marketing because of my insatiable curiosity for how the world works, and I’ve learned a few things over the years.

If you have questions about improving your business’s online presence, feel free to send me an email and schedule a consultation.  I might be able to help.

Thanks, and God bless.